Late Summer Lawn Care Treatment

In addition to some stubborn Spring weeds, there are several difficult Summer weeds that need to be taken care of. Among them are Nutsedge, Purslane, and yes, Crabgrass. We have individual specialty products that are formulated to eliminate these weeds without harming your lawn. At the same time, if any pesky Spring weeds are still lingering, we’ll selectively spray them now too.

Since insects LOVE the Summer heat, now is the time to stop them. We apply a product that will reduce the populations of such pests as Chinch Bugs or Sod Webworms. Left untreated, these insects will suck the juices out of your grass just when the grass needs them most.

White grubs are the larval form of several types of beetle. The Japanese Beetle is probably the best known culprit. These grub eggs are laid in the Summer. They hatch in the early Fall and begin feeding on the roots of your lawn. If left untreated, White Grubs will decimate entire sections of your lawn. This application will protect your lawn for the entire Summer and Fall seasons.