Early Fall Lawn Care Treatment

After that hot, stressful Summer, your lawn needs a good feeding. The root system is now under stress and the insects have taken a toll. As we enter the cooler Fall months, it’s time to fortify your lawn with all the nutrients necessary to rebuild and reestablish your lawn.

You’ll probably have some bare patches that just couldn’t handle the Summer heat. No problem, it’s probably better that those weak patched dies, because now we can seed with stronger, more viable seed blends. We always have the best blends of seed on the trucks so that our technicians can choose the right seed for your lawn.

Additional Option – Aeration
Throughout the season your lawn becomes compacted and it is harder for moisture and nutrients to flow to the roots to feed your lawn. Lawn Envy recommends a Core Aeration every Fall season to keep soil compaction under control…read more.