Lawn Envy provides Fall Cleanup services to get your lawn ready for the winter and looking great for next year.

Fall is a very important time to keep your lawn healthy and thriving going into the harsh winter months. Please inquire today regarding our Fall Cleanup Services.

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It’s about that time of year again! The leaves are changing, and falling! The days are becoming shorter, nights cooler! It’s time to do your fall clean up and get your property ready for the winter season.

This year we will be offering 2 Fall Clean Up services: Fall Leaf Removal and Fall Clean Up. The reason for breaking it down into two separate services is because there is still plenty of time to enjoy your yard before completely closing it down for the year, and we want you to enjoy as much of that yard time as possible! But here are the real reasons why doing it in two steps is of utmost importance….

Fall Leaf Removal: By the end of October you will have a fair amount of leaves on the ground. It is important for us to remove those leaves because they cut off sunlight and moisture that your lawn desperately needs this time of year. Leaves can also harbor fungus spores, diseases, and insect larvae which can spread to your lawn. By having these leaves up, it will also allow for the lawn to be cut one more time, much shorter this time, in preparation for winter hibernation!

Fall Clean Up: By the end of November you will find that you have a whole new batch of leaves on the ground, but now they are much easier to clean up due to the first round already being taken care of! This is the time to do all the trimming and shaping of your hedges and shrubs for a nice winter shape, remove any dead wood, prune your perennials for a nice spring bloom, and turn over the mulch to prevent mold.

Why is leaf removal important?

Although Fall is beautiful in New England and the fallen leaves are great to look at and play in, leaving the leaves creates several problems for your lawn.

  • Leaves on the lawn deprive grass plants of needed sunlight. This will cause brown patches and/or dead patches in the lawn
  • Leaves on the lawn suffocate the lawn by depriving the turf of vital oxygen
  • Leaves on the lawn trap moisture within the turf which can create fungus issues

Leaf cleanup in just one aspect in assuring that your yard looks its best come next spring. A complete fall clean-up is the key to preparing your landscape for the cold winter months and ensuring it starts out healthy in the spring.

What else is important in Fall Cleanup?

  • The lawn should be mowed shorter than normal (around 3 inches) to prevent fungus problems
  • Trim and shape hedges and shrubs one last time for a neat winter appearance and to prevent snow and ice damage
  • Dead wood or cross branches should be pruned to eliminate the chance of pest issues
  • Remove all leaves, branches, twigs and debris from lawn and planting beds
  • Perennial flowers should be “dead-headed” to promote growth in the spring
  • Mulch should be turned and roughed up for a neat appearance and to eliminate any mold that may be setting in
  • Lawn should be aerated to allow nutrients and oxygen to penetrate the soil and remove soil compaction
  • Fall fertilizer and lime should be applied to promote healthy turf growth in the spring

Putting the effort in this fall for a thorough fall cleanup will certainly pay off come spring when you’d rather be out enjoying the nice weather than working on your lawn!